Advance HSE Schools

Become an informed voter and learn more about the school funding question on the ballot this November. Vote “YES" for our kids!

On November 7, 2023, voters of the Hamilton Southeastern (HSE) Schools district will have the opportunity to renew the current referendum at a reduced tax rate. The impact of a “YES” vote is simple - school funding remains stable and in 2024 the referendum’s impact on homeowner tax bills will decrease by 19.1%.

This referendum will support funding academic and educationally related programs, maintaining class sizes, retaining and attracting teachers, and essential safety initiatives.

Keeping Hamilton Southeastern Schools Among the Best in the State

HSE Schools boasts a longstanding reputation for academic excellence and a profound commitment to our community. This November, we have the opportunity to renew the referendum passed in 2016 at a reduced rate, without increasing taxes. Your “YES” vote will be crucial to ensure HSE Schools continue to be among the best in Indiana.

Retaining and Attracting Top Teachers while Maintaining Class Sizes

HSE Schools’ ability to attract and retain outstanding educators is the cornerstone of the top-tier education the district offers. The referendum will provide the resources needed to keep and attract excellent educators while maintaining manageable class sizes.

Preserving Our Economy and Quality of Life

Keeping HSE Schools’ tradition of academic excellence alive is pivotal not only for our youth but also for our community's economic prosperity. The district’s reputation for high-quality education attracts jobs to the area, and our property values are intrinsically linked to our schools' quality. A “YES” vote would reaffirm our community’s investment in and commitment to HSE Schools. 

Securing Our Future

With a “YES” vote, over three-quarters of the referendum funding will go towards managing class sizes and retaining our beloved teachers and staff. In addition, the renewed referendum will fund numerous full-time positions, a critical component of HSE School’s success.

Without a “YES” vote to renew the current funding, the district's ability to maintain present academic, co-curricular and extracurricular programs will be threatened. HSE schools risk losing critical staff positions, including safety officers and custodial staff, impacting their ability to provide an optimal learning environment.

No Additional Taxes

Voting “YES” in November will extend the vital funding provided by the 2016 referendum without increasing taxes. The maximum tax rate on the ballot is reduced by over 12% from the maximum rate in 2016.

The 2016 referendum provided the much-needed funding to lower class sizes, provide competitive teacher salaries, and expand student opportunities. A “YES” vote on or before November 7 will continue to provide the funding necessary to adequately maintain and operate our schools, and support our staff and students.

How Can You Help?

  • “Vote YES” in November
  • Get informed and spread the word among your friends and neighbors
  • Play your part in making Hamilton Southeastern Schools a special place
  • Join our volunteer team and consider donating to the cause