How are cuts in teaching staff made?

When cutbacks occur in staffing due to funding shortfalls, the term “RIF” is used. This refers to Reduction-in-Force, which is based on seniority and certification. Certification is making sure teachers are certified to teach the classes and programs that will be offered the next year. For instance, if the music programs were going to be reduced, a music teacher who is not certified to teach other subjects might be more at risk of being cut. Generally, less senior teachers are reduced before a more senior teacher. However, exceptions may be made because of certification.

Reductions are based on the budget, enrollment, the schedule of classes, and rules from the Indiana Department of Education. The number of staff reductions can be potentially reduced by retirements.

If the referendum is renewed, no reductions in workforce will be necessary. If the referendum fails, reductions in force will result in larger class sizes, which, in turn, make it more difficult for students to receive the individual attention they need.